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Merging mongodb and hadoop (hortonworks) cluster

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Does anyone here can help me through the steps for using mongodb and hadoop connector, also if there are any use cases or success stories for the same, please do share?

posted Mar 30, 2018 by anonymous

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Does anyone know how I remove orphaned documents in a cluster (sharding) in mongodb version 3.0.10, My actual data are 20 million orphans and documents the value amounts to 21 million data

+2 votes

Could someone please tell me which entity in MongoDB manages cluster membership?(e.g., Redis uses a gossip-based protocol to do that).

In addition, could you please correct me if I am not right for the following drawbacks (in my opinion) in MongoDB:

  • There is no support for multi-document transactions.
  • The load balancing strategy in MongoDB is not perfect since it identifies imbalance only based on the number of chunks in cluster shards. Therefore, it does not meet the common scene of the uneven distribution of hot spots. Moreover, MongoDB conducts chunk migration by only taking the amount of data into consideration, without considering the physical distance and other specific replica set’s load information.
  • The serialization procedure, used for storing data in BSON format, can decrease the performance of the system.
  • MongoDB does not support multi-master replication which affects its writing scalability especially across different data centers.
  • There is not any strategy to alleviate the situations where a master node cannot efficiently handle replication to its slaves.
+2 votes

Would anyone here be willing to walk me through setting this stuff up on Amazon Web Services?

I need to run MongoDB on an EC2 instance and connect to an EMR Hadoop cluster for a project, but I have never used any of this stuff (Mongo/Hadoop/the connector/AWS) before so its a bit overwhelming. I have downloaded the connector from Github so far.

I believe I need to run "gradlew jar" to build the jars (not really sure what those do either), but after that I am a bit lost. Have been searching for about a week now, but I cant find a good step-by-step process for this.

Please help..

+1 vote

I would like to know if you have any examples or tutorials where I can learn hadoop mapReduce on mongodb in java?