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DPDK: What is the conceptual difference between installing DPDK as static library and shared library ?

0 votes

How a particular installation type affects DPDK uses within a host ?

posted Mar 11, 2018 by Harshita

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As per my understanding, if a process within a virtual machine is going to use dpdk for the fast path, it takes the control of physical interface.There is a use case for which i have to spin up multiple virtual machines on the same server to implement a service chaining functionality. Each service needs dpdk based interface. Now question is "Can I provide the same physical interface for the dpdk running in each VM somehow ?" Or it is not possible, sharing of same physical interface with the multiple virtual machines ?

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I download a DPDK based application and found the size of TX ring is 4 times more than size of RX ring. I could not get satisfactory answer or in other words, I couldn't understand.

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GTP is an overhead and it slows down the data transmission speed through LTE network. I heard about intel dpdk based solution can make data path faster since it takes packet from interface card and does processing. Is there any relation between intel dpdk and SDN ?