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What is the difference between Angular.Js (1.x) vs Angular 2 ?

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What is the difference between Angular.Js (1.x) vs Angular 2 ?
posted Feb 23, 2018 by anonymous

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2 Answers

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Angular 2.0 shows a substantial change in the structure as compared to version 1.0. The architecture of Angular v1 is based on MVC whereas the architecture of Angular v2 is based on service/controller. There is very less possibility to upgrade the Angular v1 to v2, mainly developers have to rewrite the entire application code.

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answer May 20, 2018 by Chahat Sharma
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AngularJS is an open-source front-end JS framework which is used for creating web and mobile apps. It has always been the best choice for Front-end Developers for building apps. If we consider about earlier times, i.e., before AngularJS, there were many other older methods used for app development. But there were numerous limitations of adopting those methods or frameworks due to the instability of an app and many other issues. But with the existence of AngularJS, most of the limitations of app development has been covered out. For developers, there are some advanced tools & plugins offered by AngularJS and a better platform to showcase their skills.

Benefits of AngularJS:

• It is a fully featured web app framework established on JavaScript and managed by Google.
• It is an open-source JS tool included with Angular directives.
• It provides the quickest way to create large and Single Page Apps with the help of using HTML.
• AngularJS provides features like Data Binding and Dependency Injection which help to eradicate much of the code writing.
• The development of the app is done without the need for refreshing the models and, updating the DOM with the help of its data-driven approach.
• AngularJS extensions support filters.
• It is an MVC architecture that makes web apps easy to build from scratch.
• AngularJS provides reusable components.
• Developers have to write short codes, and they can gain more excellent functionalities with AngularJS.
• Apps are suitable for iOS and Android platforms.
• It is easy to remove components; Delete a directory and all the stylesheets, scripts will be automatically removed.
• Each component is confined to its own directory. It allows developers to work effectively in a team.


Angular is rapidly growing, and the growth is extraordinary. The ‘JS’ characters are discarded from AngularJS, as TypeScript has become its approved accent. Angular 2 also deprives partition among standard HTML vs Angular attributes. No squabble codes amidst HTML 5 compliant data-ng-click or ng-click, they are replaced by (click) attribute with parentheses over it.
What are the Advantages and why are people shifting to Angular?

Many changes were applied for making Angular 2 faster. Some Endurable Objects were also added, such as they decreased the components that should be considered in the structure, therefore expanding performance. Angular 2 included Objects that accompanied in decreasing the complexity of change-detection algorithm. To decrease the start-up time Angular 2 introduced "Lazy loading module", which eventually disabled the loading of all the items at a once and only displaying those necessary components.

Angular 2 bumped up with an optimized concept later called as Immutable Binding. The sites are more Responsive and are loading much faster than its predecessor. Angular 2 aimed to offer more Flexibility to its applications. Angular targeted ES6 i.e. ECMAScript6 making it harder for the intruders to hack or access any data or information establishing a security of appropriate Domain.

TypeScript is a superset of JS and it allows you to write JS in a class-based or object-oriented style. This code is then compiled to clean JS output. This is why it's important to know pure JS for debugging.

It is a software design pattern in which components are given their dependencies instead of hardcoding them within the component. Works well with testing and Single Page Application Design. Dependency Injection has the ability to add the functionality of components at runtime.

In angular, RouterModule is an isolated module providing required services and directives to adopt navigation and routing in the angular app. Routes define an array of roots that connect a path to a component. Whereas, Paths are configured in the module to make it available globally.

Angular has been through a lot of updates till now. But if we compare it to AngularJS, there are many modifications implemented to make it better than its predecessor. Being a large community, Google's Angular Developers Team is working over all the issues and the bugs found in the versions and new updates are been rolling out every year.

You can also have a in-depth look about journey of - AngularJS to Angular 7

answer May 2, 2019 by Ronak Patel
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