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How ACK/NACK will be handled when TTI bundling is enabled?

0 votes

Will ENB sends 4 ack/nack or how this will be handled?

posted Feb 21, 2018 by Himani

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1 Answer

+2 votes
Best answer

if TTI Bundling is enable then UE send the 4 packets with diffrent RV (4 consicutine TTIs), in case eNB is not able to decode any of them it will send NACK in PHICH once and than UE will send the data again with 4 RV in consicutive TTIs.

answer Feb 22, 2018 by Ravinder Kumar
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If ENB detects it as NACK then How UE re transmit in TTI bundling. What is the RTT time for TTI bundling.
What RV should UE use for TTI bundling re transmission .,

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Is TTI bundling enabled by default or on a specific condition enabled ?

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