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Small Discussion About Flexbox in Css?

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What is Flexbox?

The Flexbox Layout officially called CSS Flexible Box Layout Module is new layout module in CSS3 made to improve the items align, directions and order in the container even when they are with dynamic or even unknown size. The prime characteristic of the flex container is the ability to modify the width or height of its children to fill the available space in the best possible way on different screen sizes.

The Flexible Box Module, usually referred to as flexbox, was designed as a one-dimensional layout model, and as a method that could offer space distribution between items in an interface and powerful alignment capabilities.

To use flexbox layout just set the display property on the parent HTML element:


.flex-container {
  display: -webkit-flex; /* Safari */
  display: flex;

Or if you want to display it like an inline element use:

.flex-container {
  display: -webkit-inline-flex; /* Safari */
  display: inline-flex;

Video for Flex Layout


posted Jan 25, 2018 by anonymous

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What is Pure.css?

Pure is an overwhelming choice to use for accomplishing web projects. Being a small set of CSS modules, Pure has tiny footprints. This outstanding framework has been developing with mobile in mind and additionally including minimal style. This helps developers to write various styles on the application depending upon the requirement. An extensive range of CSS components has also been made available with Pure. This outstanding framework has also got an impressive customizer and thus developer has the choice of creating CSS framework of their choice and requirement.

A set of small, responsive CSS modules that you can use in every web project.

  • Pure has a wrapper grid class called pure-g and unit classes named pure-u-* . Make sure all your content is inside the grid units for proper rendering.
  • Widths are calculated based on fractions. The fractions themselves are decided by class names. For example, pure-u-2-5 has a width of 40%.
  • All child elements within a pure-g element must have the class name pure-u or pure-u-* .

Video for Pure.Css


What is Rework?

Rework is for the hardcore, discerning front-end engineers among us. It’s what you would use if you wanted to roll your own CSS preprocessor. Myth (discussed earlier) was developed on top of the Rework open-source project.

Maybe you don’t like the Stylus syntax, or maybe you don’t like having to provide a CSS unit argument for CSS-Crush’s custom math() function, or perhaps you dislike how Sass makes you define variables using the $ sign and you’d rather use #. Maybe you just need a few features, and don’t want to suffer through the feature-bloat of existing preprocessors.

Rework is a CSS preprocessor framework built on Node.js. It has a great set of helper plugins for stuff you might want to preprocess. So before you write your own parsing functions, you might want to take a look at them first to avoid reinventing the wheel.

NPM Command 

npm install rework


var rework = require('rework');
var pluginA = require('pluginA');
var pluginB = require('pluginB');

rework('body { font-size: 12px; }', { source: 'source.css' })
  .toString({ sourcemap: true })

Video for Rework Css


What is Bulma?

 Bulma is a CSS framework. As such, the sole output is a single CSS file: bulma.css. You can either use that file, "out of the box", or download the Sass source files to customize the variables.

Bulma is a free and open source CSS framework based on Flexbox.

Node Command 

npm install bulma


  • Flexbox based: Makes creating grid items and vertically aligned things really easy.
  • Responsive: Mobile first framework similar to Bootstrap
  • Well documented: This sounds like a boring reason but is so very important
  • Solid looking foundation: All the typography, buttons, tables, forms, and basic CSS goodies you'd expect
  • Tons of components: Comes with layouts, a vertical alignment level, and media objects
  • Modular: Built with Sass. Only import the features that you'll use for your project

Video for Bulma


What is Metro?

Metro is the name for the design language, the design philosophy, behind Windows Phone 7. This is not only in reference to the look and feel of the interface itself, but also to the animations which bring the 2D interface designs to life and the sounds that accompany user interactions on the devices.

Why Metro?

Inspired by the way-finding graphics that you find in airports, railway and bus stations the world over, Metro is a homage to those high contrast, high color visualizations that stand out in those visually noisy environments.

In Windows Phone 7, Microsoft introduced its Metro style user interface. The Metro style UI is the touch-and-tile interface that Microsoft designed to create an interface focused on content, information, and movement.

It's quicker to find things in the start screen than the start menu.

It is designed to embrace 5 principles:

1)Clean light, fast, open aesthetics;
2)Dynamic, moving transitions and interactions;
3)Embrace the beauty of typography;
4)Content-focused interface;
5)Authentically digital design.

What is Metro UI CSS

Metro UI CSS a set of styles to create a site with an interface similar to Windows 8.
It can be used to create Metro User Interface

Download the Metro Ui Libraries from Official Website
Official Site for Metro UI CSS

OR (Use the following link to download)

Steps for Using Metro UI CSS

1)Create page with HTML5 DOCTYPE
2)Include metro-bootstrap.css
3)Include metro.min.js (jquery.js required)
4)Create main container with class .metro
5)Use markup, as described in the pages of this site

Example Code For Using Metro UI CSS

<!DOCTYPE html>
        <link rel="stylesheet" href="css/metro-bootstrap.css">
        <script src="js/jquery/jquery.min.js"></script>
        <script src="js/jquery/jquery.widget.min.js"></script>
        <script src="js/metro/metro.min.js"></script>
    <body class="metro">
        ... markup page ...

Simple Video Demo for HTML Template for Metro UI

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