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What is Stripes in Java?

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What is Stripes ?

Stripes is an open source web application framework based on the model–view–controller (MVC) pattern. It aims to be a lighter weight framework than Struts by using Java technologies such as annotations and generics that were introduced in Java 1.5, to achieve "convention over configuration". This emphasizes the idea that a set of simple conventions used throughout the framework reduce configuration overhead. In practice, this means that Stripe applications barely need any configuration files, thus reducing development and maintenance work. 

Stripes is a presentation framework for building web applications using the latest Java technologies. The main driver behind Stripes is that web application development in Java is just too much work! It seems like every existing framework requires gobs of configuration. Struts is pretty feature-light and has some serious architectural issues .Others, like WebWork 2 and Spring-MVC are much better, but still require a lot of configuration, and seem to require you to learn a whole new language just to get started.

Main Goals

  •      Make developing web applications in Java easy 
  •      Provide simple yet powerful solutions to common problems 
  •      Make the Stripes ramp up time for a new developer less than 30 minutes 
  •      Make it really easy to extend Stripes, without making you configure every last thing


  •     Zero external configuration per page/action
  •     Powerful binding engine that will build complex object webs out of the request parameters 
  •     Easy to use validation and type conversion system 
  •     Localization system that works even when you use direct JSP->JSP links 
  •     Ability to re-use ActionBeans as view helpers 
  •     Ridiculously easy to use indexed property support 
  •     Built in support for multiple events per form 
  •     Transparent file upload capabilities 
  •     Support for incremental development 
  •     And a lot of built in flexibility that you only have to be aware of when you need to use it

Video for Stripes


posted Jan 12 by anonymous

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