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LTE: With PRACH configuration 14, what are the odds that two UE's will collide during their random accesses?

+1 vote
A1 in 10
B1 in 64
C1 in 640
DIt is impossible to collide on the PRACH

Correct Option: 3  
posted Dec 21, 2017 by anonymous

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During preamble transmission, how devices choose the frequency band in PRACH for preamble transmission?

If they choose the frequency in PRACH randomly, then there can be the chance of sub-channel(frequency band to send preamble) collision. If above statement is true then how many devices can send the preamble at a random access time slot?

+3 votes

As i know about RACH function is, suppose a UE wants to access the network, so first it will try to attach or syncronise with the network. In LTE a separate channel PRACH ( Physical Random Access Channel) is provided for initial access to the network.

The functionality is clear to me that is not a problem but to understand those two procedures i am having a trouble...

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