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LTE: What is local breakout concept in case of roaming ?

0 votes
LTE: What is local breakout concept in case of roaming ?
posted Dec 20, 2017 by Ganesh

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1 Answer

0 votes

The Evolved Packet System shall allow for local breakout. Local breakout means that for a user which makes mobility within and across one operator-defined network region, routing is optimized such that user plane traffic does not need to leave the current region.
Local Breakout is a key feature of LTE. It enables visitor networks to breakout internet sessions into home network, instead of routing back to Home networks, e.g. Facebook vs Banking apps.

answer Dec 21, 2017 by anonymous
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Can someone please explain Roaming architecture of LTE?

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How the signalling messages flow between network nodes of inter PLMN ?
Assume a scenario, in which LTE UE is connected to its home network and handed over to another network due to mobility.

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We consider the SGSN CDRs of Visited Network to generate the TAPOUT for GPRS ( 3G).

In case of LTE Roaming, which nodes CDRs are required and if multiple nodes CDRs are requires then do it requires the correlation as well.

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I want to know, how MME of roaming network (different country) gets the user profile from HSS (residing at different country) ?

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As we know that on basis of CAMEL contract, International roaming is possible, Visited-PLMN will generate the CDR at end and then forward it to home-PLMN. On basis of Call Data Records (CDR) home-PLMN will bill the user later in their currency.

The charging between the Operator's will happen as per the agreement.

So my Query is What if the user has crossed his credit limit during international roaming and ongoing call. How Visited PLMN will get to know about this information In between the ongoing call?

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