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What is the use of SIB Tx request in 5G?

0 votes

However ENB will send SIB periodically then why do we need SIB Tx request in 5G?

posted Dec 14, 2017 by Jaganathan

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Hi Jaganathan,
Bit unrelated, but Could you let me know the 3gpp spec number, just interested in knowing about the 5g spec ?
all 38 series 3gpp are 5G spec

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They say it is unique identifier of ENB but where it will be useful?

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However we have CSI in LTE ,we could have used same for SPS scheduling but why do we need different CSI report for SPS?

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What is the priority order of LC's such as (CRNTI MAC CE,BSR MAC CE,PHR MAC CE,PHR MAC CE,CCCH etc)
In 4G it is CCCH/C-RNTI MAC CE -> BSR MAC CE -> PHR MAC CE and what about 5G?

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