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What are the attributes of JSF data table tag?

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What are the attributes of JSF data table tag?
posted Dec 13, 2017 by Frank Lee

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1 Answer

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JSF dataTable tag is used to display data on JSF view pages. The data bound table components are responsible for displaying the relational data in a tabular format. The tag is used for displaying the data components. The tag iterates over each record in the data source displayed in rows.

JSF dataTable

Some of the attributes of JSF dataTable tag are;

id: unique identifier used to identify a component.

value: The current value of the component.

bgcolor: background color for the table that is displayed.

border: width in pixel to be drawn around the table.

cellpadding: Space between border of each cell and its contents.

cellspacing: Space between left side of the table and leftmost column and also amount of space between the cells.

columnClasses: List of css styles separated by comma to be applied to the columns of this table.

bodyrows: List of row indices separated by comma to be applied for the “tbody” element should be started.

first: zero or relative row number of the first row to be displayed.

frame: code that specifies the frame to be visible around the table

rows: Number of rows to be displayed identified by first property.

headerClass: CSS class for the table header

answer Dec 18, 2017 by Manikandan J
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