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Is the VANET technology in use somewhere? Why this technology not becoming popular?

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Is the VANET technology in use somewhere? Why this technology not becoming popular?
posted Nov 14, 2017 by Shilpy Agrawal

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1 Answer

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May be with Police department but long way to go. VANET that uses moving cars as nodes in a network to create a mobile network where every participating car is a wireless router (or) a node. It has many advantages but some disadvantages beyond the security issues lile
1. Flooding in route discovery initial phase.
2. Wasted band width.
3. Delay.
4. Increasing network congestion.
5. External sources for destination location.
6. Bad performances for long distance between sources and destination.

However the above disadantage is not the reason of poor adaption its a capital intensive and technology is still in the infant stage which has to solve the issues of high mobility/handovers and complex road layout. And once the ecosystem is there for adaption along with the unit cost advantage over and above the current technologies then it will see a traction...

answer Nov 15, 2017 by Salil Agrawal
thank you so much sir. You r always a great help. Please help me to find answer of this question too: "Is it possible to make internet of Vehicles (IoV) similar to Internet of Things (IoT) ? How ?
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As far as I studied, I know following options that can be used for LTE and Wifi interworking:
1- LTE - U (LTE Unlicensed)
2. LAA (Licensed Assisted Access)
3. LWA (LTE wifi aggregation)
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Out of above options, there might be other options which I don't know. But out of above four which one is best and due to what reason operator will choose the best one ?

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I just installed Win7HP/64 drivers for the Atheros wireless card in my Acer Aspire One netbook. I successfully connected to my home wifi network and then took the Acer to the office.

No matter what i do i cant connect to the wifi network. The Win wireless management utility says that there are not any networks available, which is not true.

Any idea why this isnt working?

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