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What are different types of spring bean autowiring?

0 votes
What are different types of spring bean autowiring?
posted Nov 12, 2017 by Frank Lee
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1 Answer

0 votes

In Spring framework, you can wire beans automatically with auto-wiring feature. To enable it, just define the “autowire” attribute in <bean>.
Five Auto-wiring modes are supported:

1. no: Default, no auto wiring, set it manually via “ref” attribute

2. byName: Auto wiring by property name. If the name of a bean is same as the name of other bean property, auto wire it.

3. byType: Auto wiring by property data type. If data type of a bean is compatible with the data type of other bean property, auto wire it.

4. constructor: byType mode in constructor argument.

5. autodetect: If a default constructor is found, use “autowired by constructor”; Otherwise, use “autowire by type”.

answer Nov 15, 2017 by Jon Deck

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