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Date and time problem in PHP

+2 votes

I always hate dealing with date/time stuff in php - never get it even close until an hour or two goes by....

anyway I have this:

// get two timestamp values
$exp_time = $_COOKIE[$applid."expire"];
$curr_time = time();
// get the difference
$diff = $exp_time - $curr_time;
// produce a display time of the diff
$time_left = date("h:i:s",$diff);

Currently the results are:

exp_time is 06:55:07
curr_time is 06:12:03
the diff is 2584
All of these are correct.

BUT time_left is 07:43:04 when it should be only "00:43:04". So - where is the hour value of '07' coming from?? And how do I get this right?

posted Oct 6, 2013 by Anderson

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1 Answer

+1 vote

You should use gmdate() if you want to how many hours left to expire

$time_left = gmdate("H:i:s",$diff);
answer Oct 6, 2013 by Meenal Mishra
Thanks for the quick response, but why do I want to show the time in GMT? However, I did try it, changing the 'time_left' calc to use "gmdate". Now instead of a 7 for hours I have a 12.

exp 07:34:52
curr 06:40:14
diff 3158
left is 12:52:38

The 52:38 is the correct value, but not the 12.
Try this please
 gmdate("H:i:s", $diff%86400)
Doesn't work either.
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