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The capacity to think is called the

0 votes
The capacity to think is called the
posted Sep 27, 2017 by Ganesh Choudhary

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Your question is not clear do you like to edit and make it clear what you want to ask.

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I formula/ equations that will enable me calculate the capacity/throughput of GSM base station, UMTS base station and LTE eNodeB.
If there are simulation software, can someone please kindly tell me how to get them and use them.

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Probably a simple question, 3G WCDMA systems have 5MHz bandwidth (one direction). 5MHz is neither wide nor narrow; then why it is called WCDMA.

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When an UE attaches to the LTE Network in combined attach mode , network registers the UE for both PS as well as CS services .
As per my knowledge, MME assigns only one Location Area Identifier to UE during the attach procedure along with TAI list in the attach accept message. It concludes me that only single location area identifier can be assigned to an UE at a time . Does the MME align its TAI management according to existing Location Area Management or some changes may be required at the existing UMTS/GSM network ?

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When UE is powered on, it first scans for all supported RF channels. And then list the channels whose RSSI is greater than a set threshold. For all cells satisfying this criteria, the PSS, SSS detection-> PCFICH -> MIB detection is done.
I would like to understand the term "preferred Rat" to camp on to a cell. How/when does the UE gets this information? Is this a stored info from USIM .. or from somewhere else?

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