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MongoDb database to c# application using Web.config.

0 votes

I want to connect a particular MONGODB database to c# application using Web.config.
Please tell me how to do it?

posted Sep 15, 2017 by Amit Parthsarthi

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I am trying to get all the collection names from MongoDb server using C# code using db.GetCollectionNames() method.

I have 12 collections in my database, but the above method returns an empty list. I have verified that I am referring to the correct database. What am I doing wrong? Or if there is an alternate way?

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I have an application that will store data in a an entity called Department.For this department i will have SUBDEPARTMENT1, SUBDEPARTMENT2 and SUBDEPARTMENT3 Now, I want to store massive data in database.those data are students. In RDBMS.the modelisation is simple. Just having one Entity called department and the 3 subdepartment will inherit from the father department. Can you please tell me how to model this in MongoDB?

I know subCollection but it does not look good because I will have also a collection called department that i will be able to store data in it.

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