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What is advantage of maintaining local/enterprise DNS over google DNS i.e. ?

0 votes

I want to understand trade-off between using local v/s google DNS.

posted Aug 29, 2017 by Vikram Singh

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What is the advantage, if any, of running one's own DNS server? Surely the link between domain name and IP address must already have been established?

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I need to use samba 4 server, but I need to install a server with a dns service (bind9.8) in other server.
Is that possible? If yes, There is any documentation for it?

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Please help as I need to move QueryHome DNS service so want to know this in detail?

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If a APN is SIPTO enabled, MME has to select the geographically closer GWs during GW selection and continue to do so during UE Mobility. My question is what are the parameters of DNS query and what is the actual syntax of that query ?