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Netfilter: How to limit the number of connection of a "certain type"?

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I would like to configure the Netfilter to limit the number of connections of a "certain type". The connlimit match does not seem to meet my needs. From the man page,

"... Allows you to restrict the number of parallel connections to a server per client IP address (or client address block). ..."

the connlimit match counts the connection to a server (a single destination IP, I suppose) from an IP address (client IP) or client address block.

I would rather count (and limit) the number of connections based on my own classification. For example, I would like to limit the number of connection from IPs in a given subnet and directed to IPs in another
given subnet.

I guess I can reach the goal using the quota2 match, which give me the ability to increase and decrease a counter: essentially I'll increase the counter with a SYN packet and decrease the counter with a FIN packet. But this solution is incomplete: it can not count the connections not closed with a FIN packet (time outed connections) and It can't manage the UDP connections (already properly managed by the conntrack module).

posted Oct 3, 2013 by Deepak Dasgupta

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Is there a way to find out if there any iptables rules set on a machine ?

There are some indirect ways which will not always work; for example, I know that on most hosts, iptables -S will return the following output (when no iptable rules are set)

So you can check whether or not the number of output lines is greater than 3 (as an indication of whether or not iptables rules are set). But there are hosts on which there are more chains then these 3; these chains are set by application/services, even without any iptable rules which are set. And after running iptables -F on these machines, iptables -S will still show more than 3 chains, even that there are no iptables rules set in these chains.

So the question is - is there a way to know whether or not netfilter rules are set on a host, regardless of the number of chains ?

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Is it possible to bind multiple address families in netfilter queue? I see IPv4 show up in my queue, but not ARP. With error code removed, here is how I'm calling nfq_bind:

netfilterqueue_handle = nfq_open();
netfilterqueue_queue = nfq_create_queue( netfilterqueue_handle, 0,

nfq_bind_pf( netfilterqueue_handle, AF_INET );
nfq_bind_pf( netfilterqueue_handle, NF_ARP );

I'm thinking the more likely possibility is the iptable rules I'm using to send traffic to the queue are too restrictive. Here are the rules I have:

# Generated by iptables-save v1.4.21 on Sat Feb 14 10:40:46 2015
:INPUT ACCEPT [56:4995]
:OUTPUT ACCEPT [56:4496]
# Completed on Sat Feb 14 10:40:46 2015
# Generated by iptables-save v1.4.21 on Sat Feb 14 10:40:46 2015
:INPUT ACCEPT [1017:217421]
:FORWARD DROP [53:2307]
:OUTPUT ACCEPT [934:211104]
:MYRA - [0:0]
-A FORWARD -m conntrack --ctstate RELATED,ESTABLISHED -j MYRA
-A FORWARD -s -o eth0 -m conntrack --ctstate NEW -j MYRA
-A MYRA -j NFQUEUE --queue-num 0 --queue-bypass
# Completed on Sat Feb 14 10:40:46 2015

Do I have to add another FORWARD line to get ARP to jump to MYRA? What would it look like?

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I know that packet traverses through the Net Filter hooks but how to practically realize that, any suggestions...

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How do i set tcp flags ? I tried

 nft add rule filter output tcp flags {syn,rst} counter

but failed ... also can some point me to valid syntaxes ..

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How do I add a multiport rule

 nft add rule ip filter output tcp dports 99,200 ip daddr
 counter meta oif eth0 fails.

I see that the range works,

 nft add rule ip filter output tcp dport 99-105 ip daddr
 counter meta oif eth0