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What is the purpose of the Runtime class in Java?

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What is the purpose of the Runtime class in Java?
posted Aug 9, 2017 by Riya Kumari

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run time classes used to interact with JRE and there is only one instance of runtime class for one java application. it invokes processes and GC.

1 Answer

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The java runtime system can be accessed by the Runtime class.

The runtime information – memory availability, invoking the garbage collector is possible by using Runtime class.

Knowing the free memory space:
Runtime.freeMemory() - Returns the free memory of
Runtime.maxMemory() - Returns the memory that JVM can use at the maximum.

Invoking garbage collector:

Some other facilities that are provided by Runtime class are:
- Reading data through key board
- Using system properties and environment variables
- Running non-java programs from within a java application.

answer Aug 14, 2017 by Mantosh Dubey
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