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which band in fdm technology introduces spectral inefficiency?

+2 votes
which band in fdm technology introduces spectral inefficiency?
posted Jul 20, 2017 by anonymous

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HSPA shares the UMTS 5 Mhz band but how can these two technology share it and why don't operator use only HSPA technology if it can offer the best performance than UMTS?

Can user use the two network in the same time and how? and How can user choose between HSPA and UMTS to send his data?

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operating band is specified in SIB1 downlink channel upon which ue receives system info..why ? Can any one help on a brief explanation!

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I am trying to simulate an OFDM signal with LTE specifications. After taking ifft of the modulated symbols I want to plot the power specteral density of the signal. Somehow the power spectral density is not correct if I take directly the ifft output. My question is what needs to be done to the output of ifft samples to get the correct PSD.

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As far as I studied, I know following options that can be used for LTE and Wifi interworking:
1- LTE - U (LTE Unlicensed)
2. LAA (Licensed Assisted Access)
3. LWA (LTE wifi aggregation)
4. MPTCP (Multi path TCP)

Out of above options, there might be other options which I don't know. But out of above four which one is best and due to what reason operator will choose the best one ?

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