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Why in LTE, TAU is needed in connected mode while LAU is not needed in legacy 2G/3G in connected mode?

+2 votes

The whole purpose of TA is to know where the UE is situated so that it can be pagged. In connected mode, the eNB and MME already know which cell the UE is connected to so why TAU is neeeded in connected mode? Note that location area update is not required in 2G/3G in connected mode. In legacy 2G/3G, LAU only happens after the call is released so why in LTE the TAU is needed in connected mode?

posted Jul 18, 2017 by anonymous

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What UE is supposed to do when it move from a Tracking Area to another Tracking Area ?

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Suppose MME is getting CS call notification for MSC then How MME will notify to UE when
1. UE is idle mode. ?
2. UE is in connected mode?

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If I am right, an eNodeB can support multiple cells and each cell has different pci.
Now suppose enodeB has two cells i.e cell1 and cell2. If I am going right, both the cell(s) should have different PCIs.
I have assumed UE is attached to cell1 and due to mobility, it is moved to cell2. During this movement, what message shall be exchanged between UE and enodeB. And Is there any message send to MME regarding the new cell ?

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Is it vendor specific or standard defined the behavior when UE does not report its location to MME even after TAU timer expires ?
Here assumed , LTE UE is out of coverage .

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