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How to change the resolution of Emulator in Android X-86

+2 votes

I'm using Android X-86 using virtual box. What I want to do is changing the resolution of emulator to 480x480 size. But after changing the resolution of emulator, Emulator stopped with this message."Unfortunately, Launcher has stopped". So If you guys know the way to change resolution of emulator, Please let me know.

posted May 22, 2013 by anonymous

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I want to change the default refresh of HDMI output property in my AOSP for S905X Tv (MQX) box. I think that package of my interest is /packages/apps/TvSettings.I need change value from default 1080p-60Hz to 1080p-50Hz.

I found HDMI_LIST with modes in but here I am in the end.I did not find any default xml in values.

+1 vote

I found that most released apps(including system apps) can be debugged on the emulator by the way following:
1. install the app on the emulator, and launch it
2. run adb shell ps to get the pid of the app
3. run adb jdwp, if you find the pid in the output, then you can attach to the app by running
adb forward tcp:1234 jdwp:$pid_you_find and jdb -connect com.sun.jdi.SocketAttach:hostname=localhost,port=1234
4. you can use commands such as "classes" to see the classes of the app, even "stop" to set breakpoint and "eval" to run many functions and see the members of the objects.
I have 2 questions:
1. Why these tricks fail on the phones? What's the difference between the rom of emulator and phones?
2. How to avoid my app being debugged through such way?