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mongodump inside a limited container

0 votes

we currently have an installation of mongodb3.4 inside Openshift. So, every mongod instance is installed inside a container with limited memory.

When we are trying to run mongodump on a 3GB database from rather small container ( for example, 1 GB ram), we are getting OOM.

As far as I can understand, mongodump cant understand cgroup limits and thinks that it has 64 GB RAM available (its our docker host available ram), so it tries to eat more than it can chew and container is killed

Are there any workarounds for this issue?

posted Jul 6, 2017 by anonymous

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I was wondering if there is a free hypervisor for macOS that would support fsync on directories?Alternatively, is it possible to disable this requirement in MongoDB?

I Tried virtualbox and xhyve - no luck.

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The problem I have is the following: I have about 136.000 points in England and want to check if they are nearby roads (lets say in a distance of 10 meters. The roads will come from OpenStreetMap as LineStrings.

The roads-data and the points are GeoJSON-documents. But unfortunately there is - as far as I know - no in-build function in mongodb that can handle this.

Is there any way to get this issue solved?

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