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Explain Bundle.Config in MVC4?

0 votes
Explain Bundle.Config in MVC4?
posted Jul 3, 2017 by Jdk

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1 Answer

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Bundling and minification techniques were introduced in MVC 4 to improve request load time. Bundling allow us to load the bunch of static files from the server into one http request.

Bundle Types:

MVC 5 includes following bundle classes in System.web.Optimization namespace:

ScriptBundle: ScriptBundle is responsible for JavaScript minification of single or multiple script files.

StyleBundle: StyleBundle is responsible for CSS minification of single or multiple style sheet files.

DynamicFolderBundle: Represents a Bundle object that ASP.NET creates from a folder that contains files of the same type.

All the above bundle classes are included in System.Web.Optimization.Bundle namespace and derived from Bundle class.

answer Jul 3, 2017 by Shivaranjini
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