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What happens after you turn on mobile data and you access/google something?

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I need to know what procedure happens after you turn on mobile data and you access/google something.Is the attach procedure?

posted Jun 27, 2017 by Dani Tene

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1 Answer

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As soon as you put your mobile in non-airplane mode and data is enabled, UE connects to LTE network using the attach procedure and you get the signal bars in your handset. There are so many messages exchange between UE and network before attach procedure getting completed.
After that when you browse any website by writing URL of that website, DNS query is triggered by UE to get the IP address of URL such as DNS server IP is communicated to UE by the network in "Attach Accept" message. UE uses the same DNS to resolve the URL for an IP address.
Once UE gets IP address of website, it makes TCP connection with server and exchange the web page content.
Doing DNS, TCP connection establishment and web page content deliver is common irrespective of technologies such as LTE, 3G etc.
Hope this will give you brief about LTE attach and browsing data. If you have any specific query then post the query.

answer Jun 28, 2017 by Harshita
Thanks for your answer Harshita.
But what about PDP context activation?A complete process until you search sometingh would be attach procedure->PDP activation?
Hi Dani, In LTE technology, there is a concept of PDN connectivity (Default bearer)  and Dedicated bearer activation. During the initial attach, UE  makes connection with network to get an IP address so that it can browse the internet. There is one more condition when UE wants to make IMS PDN connectivity so that it can make voice call (known as VoLTE) using the LTE network.
Here, internet browsing and IMS call both are different services and requires different quality of services. Therefore, separate bearers are established by UE and Network to cater both the services.
I am not aware about 3G technology terms such as primary PDP context activation  and secondary PDP context activation.
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