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What are the word operators in Java and c++?

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What are the word operators in Java and c++?
posted Jun 25, 2017 by Priya Kanojiya

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could not get your question, are you looking at the differences between operator in Java and C? Please comment accordingly...
No.I want to ask u have four word operators.which one is that?
Java has following operators -
Simple assignment: =
Arithmetic: +   -   *     /   %
Unary: +   -   ++     --  !
Relational: ==   !=   >     >=   <   <=
Conditional: &&     ||   
Ternary: ? :
Type comparison: instanceof
Bitwise and Bit shift: ~     <<   >>   >>>   &     ^   |

But I am still not sure what are you looking for..
Like c have sizeof () operator.similarly I want to ask u about Java word operators.
But there is no such method in the standard Java SE class library.

The designers' view is that it is not needed in Java, since the language removes the need for an application to know about how much space needs to be reserved for a primitive value, an object or an array with a given number of elements.

Not sure if this answers your question.
operators that can be written as a string like sizeof() in c/c++ and instanceof operator in java that is already mentioned by Salil.
Maybe you want a common string form operator that is present in both java and c++ ? is it true?

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