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LTE Advanced: Messages on sidelink (pc5) are unicasted or broadcasted in v2x communication?

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Messages on sidelink (pc5) are unicasted or broadcasted in v2x communication? If broadcasting then which mechanism is used for broadcasting?

posted Jun 24, 2017 by Prabhavathi

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1 Answer

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As we know in V2X communication over PC5 has derived into two modes ie Mode3 and Mode4.
In Mode4: which is know sensing based persistent scheduling, UE/Vechicle will scan the un-licensed spectrum and get the free resources to sending messages. While sending it will send control information saying about data and which resource blocks I am using. so, while any UE sensing for the free resource it will listen the SCI information which was broadcasting on the un-licensed spectrum.

In Mode3: N/W will provide the resource to UE / Vechicle with corresponding control information.

On an abstract V2X communication is a broadcast information, interested UE/Vechicle will listen and act accordingly.

At radio level it is a broadcast information, but at application i.e V2X application defined by 3GPP might have mechanism for End-to-End communication.

Please anyone correct me if I am wrong.

answer Oct 12, 2018 by Manohar
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