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What is the best hardware configuration to run Hadoop?

+2 votes
What is the best hardware configuration to run Hadoop?
posted Jun 22, 2017 by Karthick.c

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+1 vote

Assume I have a machine on the same network as a hadoop 2 cluster but separate from it.

My understanding is that by setting certain elements of the config file or local xml files to point to the cluster I can launch a job without having to log into the cluster, move my jar to hdfs and start the job from the clusters hadoop machine.

Does this work? What Parameters need I sat? Where is the jar file? What issues would I see if the machine is running Windows with cygwin installed?

+1 vote

A mapreduce job can be run as jar file from terminal or directly from eclipse IDE. When a job run as jar file from terminal it uses multiple jvm and all resources of cluster. Does the same thing happen when we run from IDE. I have run a job on both and it takes less time on IDE than jar file on terminal.

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I have just realized that my implementation of hadoop-2.4.1 is pulling in all the default.xml files.

I have three copies of each in different directories, obviously at least one of those is on the class path.

Anyway with all the effort to set up a site, it seems strange to me that I would use settings I had no idea existed and that may not be how I would choose to set them up.

+2 votes

We use both Gzip and Snappy compression so I want a way to determine how a specific file is compressed. The closest I found is the GETCODEC but that relies on the file name suffix ... which dont exist since Reducers typically dont add a suffix to the filenames they create.

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