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how to check the P-CSCF that is configured in the UE

+1 vote

As per the specifications, the address of P-CSCF will be pre-configured in the UE. Where can we see the details in the handset settings? Is it part of the APN configuration?

posted Jun 20, 2017 by anonymous

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Please provide the reference which states P-CSCF address is always statically configured.
As far as I have understanding of LTE signalling, UE may request for P-CSCF address from the network in "PDN Connectivity Request" and network provides "P-CSCF address" in Activate default EPS bearer (IMS signalling bearer).
After getting P-CSCF address, UE sends first SIP Register message to P-CSCF and  based on "Request-URI" field of Register Message, it does DNS query for I-CSCF address.

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I know the fact P-CSCF establishes an IP sec tunnel with the UE but exact at which point it does not sure.

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During Roaming in Volte/IMS Home Network Proxy-Call Session Control Function (P-CSCF) will be used or visited network ?

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I was going through IMS call flow and came to know that an IP sec tunnel is established between UE and P-CSCF . I could not find out reasoning behind it.

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