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What is Cylon.Js?

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What is Cylon.Js?

Cylon.js is a JavaScript framework for robotics, physical computing, and the Internet of Things using Node.js. It provides a simple, yet powerful way to create JavaScript robots that incorporate multiple, different hardware devices at the same time.

Cylon.JS is built on Node.JS, a JavaScript framework used for many web apps that provides common ground for IoT applications—such as the ability to simultaneously send, receive and process many messages from many sources. Named for the science fiction cyborgs of Battlestar Galactica, Cylon.JS supports a wide variety of drones, robotic toys, wearables, smart home devices, IoT prototyping and embedded computing modules, and cloud-based analytics and messaging platforms. It lets programmers create powerful interactions between users, devices and services with just a few lines of code.

Cylon.JS was created by The Hybrid Group, a Los Angeles software consultancy, with input from an open community of developers around the world.

Node Command

npm install cylon

Video for Cylon.Js

posted Jun 16, 2017 by Manish Tiwari

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