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Boosting LTE signal in Android phone

+1 vote

I live in a remote location with awful reception, and a friend suggested I should get a signal booster. I can connect to LTE if I force it in my phone's Hidden Menu (LG G5) but it functions basically at the same speed as HSPA, however when I visit a big city the 4G connection kicks in on its own and at very high speeds.

I found out that my phone carrier is using Band 3 for LTE which should mean that I need a 1800 Mhz signal booster which I found on ebay, but I'd really appreciate it if someone who actually knows this stuff could take a look and say if I'm right in my choice of this signal booster.

Included are screenshots of my Phone's LTE connection details as well as the item page of the signal booster I found.

posted Jun 12, 2017 by anonymous

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