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Importing ECDSA public key from javascript/subtlecrypto

0 votes

For a project I'm working on I need to import an ECDSA public key into the openssl extension to verify data/signatures send by the client. The key has been verified, so that's no problem.

The problem is the fact that subtlecrypto exports the key as raw, spki, or jwk, while non of these can be imported into the openssl extension.

Can anyone inform me on a way to make the key compatible with the openssl interface, be it on the javascript side or the php side.

posted Jun 9, 2017 by anonymous

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As per my understanding of interpreted language is scripting(interpreted) language is the language which can executed by CPU straight away without any need of compilation are classified as scripting language

Now if i take example of JavaScript , it does not requires explicit compilation from developer. But browser which interprets actually converts it in to machine instruction which CPU can execute.

So in a way it is also a compiled language though compilation is not required by developer explicitly but browser does it internally. Is n't it ?

Same is the case with PHP.

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