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How to handle multiple callback ajax request

0 votes

How to handle multiple callback ajax request ?

posted Jun 8, 2017 by anonymous

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Has anyone happened to stumble onto this issue, please:

Our Ajax works perfectly as long as its non-secure. However, when switching to SSL we sometimes see 408 errors (incomplete request). This only happens on ajax, and inconsistently (similar requests might succeed on one moment, but fail on the other).

Please note:
1. Our client is Chrome browser, using JQuery for ajax
2. Server is Tomcat 7
3. Network is fast and stable, and the ajax requests are small
4. Problem occurs for both our connectors: APR and Http (both with SSL enabled)
5. Our x509 certificate is valid (otherwise it would have failed on *all* ajax ssl requests, not to mention the non-ajax ssl)

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