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Why do we need segmentation or concatenation for the RLC re-transmission?

+1 vote

Why do we need segmentation or concatenation for the RLC re-transmission?

posted May 30, 2017 by Jaganathan

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1 Answer

+1 vote

Because LTE radio is very dynamic and it is not sure same amount of radio resources would be granted to transmit RLC PDU.
That is the reason in case of re-transmission RLC can re-segment the last unacknowledged RLC PDU which is kept in buffer.
LTE radio PDSCH is shared channel which is not dedicated to one UE.

answer Jun 1, 2017 by Rupam
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When LTE RLC layer re-transmission reach max number, what we do in eNodeB?

In UE side, UE will send RRC connection Re-establishment to eNodeB. But in eNodeB, seems no related description, just say report indication to high layer.

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Without concatenation hoe RLC process more grant from MAC?

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In dual connectivity , Does PDCP re-orders the PDU?

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MBMS Data receives from MBMS-GW to eNodeB module interfacing towards MBMS-GW. It removes GTP-U header and sends data to lower layer i.e RLC. As per my understanding so far, RLC does segmentation and re-assembling for the received upper layer PDU to make it fit into MAC PDU. Now I want to know, Does the same concept applicable for MBMS data also or for RLC it is transparent mode transmission.

Which format is used by RLC for the MBMS transmission ?

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