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What is ILDASM and Obfuscator in .NET?

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What is ILDASM and Obfuscator in .NET?
posted May 25, 2017 by Jdk

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1 Answer

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- ILDASM (Intermediate Language Disassembler)

De-Compilation is the process of getting the source code from the assembly.
- ILDASM is a de-compiler provided by Microsoft.
- This ILDASM converts an assembly to instructions from which source code can be obtained.
- ILDASM is MSIL Disassmbler.
- This take a portable executable (PE), which consists of MSIL code, and creates a text file which can then be used as an input for ILASM.exe, which is MSIL assembler.
- ILDASM can parse any .Net dll or exe and shows information in human readable form. It displays MSIL, namespaces, types and interfaces. It's normally used to examine assemblies and understand what the assembly is capable of.

- Obfuscated code

It is source code or intermediate language that is very hard to read and understand.
- An obfuscator is a medium of making a program difficult to understand.
- The way the code runs remains unaffected although the obfuscator makes it harder to hack the code and hijack the program.
- Obfuscator is a tool to protect .Net assemblies and exe files.
- The tool renames all possible symbols, types, interfaces, namespaces etc into meaningless values and removes all unnecessary information.
- This reduces the size of the assemblies and also helps in protecting the code.
- It's normally used to protect the assemblies from exposing information for reverse engineering.

answer Aug 22, 2017 by Sathish Kumar
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