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Any inputs on SSO (single signon) ?

+2 votes

I am planning to have SSO implemented for my application. Any recommendations (SAML, OAuth, Open ID etc.)?

posted Sep 27, 2013 by Sudheendra

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1 Answer

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I don't know know about the SAML but QueryHome uses both OpenID and OAuth (QAuth2). QueryHome uses OAuth2 for Facebook login and openid is for yahoo and Google. Really liked the OAuth2 as compare to OpenID the only drawback is u need to write more and complex code.

Now coming to the point what type of inputs you are looking for?

answer Sep 27, 2013 by Salil Agrawal
Thanks Salil. I am interested in something which can easily integrated with my application and is supported by many social websites like Twitter, FB, PInterest etc.
openID is easy and simple, and code is same for all the sites accept URL and one API. But it is not that powerful.
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In the context of my final year project, i'm told to have a "single sign on" feature implemented with freeradius server and moodle.
this means that moodle has to be changed in order to use the databe created in freeradius, so whenever a user is authenticated by freeradius he will automatically get access to moodle without having to enter any sort of credentials, this means that changes have to be done in the moodle files.

currently i have installed freeradius and moodle on centos virtual machine, i have created a mysql database and the users can be authenticated through freeradius.

Please I would use any help that you can offer.

+2 votes

Also,Tell me which is best and secure for the website.

+2 votes

QueryHome gmail authentication is openid based strictly speaking lightopenid and we want to upgrade it to oauth2 based authentication. Any pointer on how to achieve it without impacting the current working.