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MongoDB Enterprise Server: The Best NoSQL Database for Organizations

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When it comes to database management, business organizations are bombarded with a whole package of advanced solutions. So, if you’re still stuck with the old school database management systems and are still spending money on resources to manage your relational and non-relational databases, you’re quite behind in the race.

The MongoDB enterprise solutions have rocked the world of enterprises long back! If you haven’t considered this framework for the development of your enterprise applications, ask help from the best web development company NYC and avail the benefits, today!

But what are the benefits, you ask? Here is a list of features that make MongoDB the best NoSQL database for enterprises:

1.  Excellent Management

Manage your database through the brilliant MongoDB Enterprise Server management. This smart enterprise framework allows you to manage your database efficiently. Also, you can choose the management options as per your convenience.

For instance, if you want to manage the database from a data center, you can opt for the MongoDB Ops Manager. On the other hand, if you want to manage the database on cloud, you can opt for the MongoDB Cloud Manager. 

Both the systems of the MongoDB Enterprise Server, allow you to monitor the data through different metrics and alerts, make the regular operations automatic, and keep a backup of your data for easy retrieval and recovery at times of data losses.

You can also use the features like MongoDB Compass to easily located your data and manage it with advanced GUI designs.

2. High-Security Features

The MongoDB Enterprise Server comes with advanced security features that help you keep your data secure by protecting it, detecting it, and maintaining a strict authority access. The high-security features in MongoDB enterprise solutions include PKI certifications, Role-Based Access, Field-Level Redaction, Encrypted storage engine, etc.

With these features and a continuous support, MongoDB has turned out to be one of the safest enterprise database management frameworks.

3. License and Certifications

The MongoDB Enterprise Server complies with the standards of Red Hat Identity Management Certification, Kerberos and LDAP Authentication, and comes with a license for commercial usage of the framework and a warranty.

Also, MongoDB Enterprise Server has been tried and tested for different platforms. Thus, the framework has the platform certifications for Windows, Red Hat/CentOS, Ubuntu, Linux, etc.

So, if you’re using one of these operation systems or platforms, you’re good to go with MongoDB Enterprise Server.

4. Continuous Support

When it comes to the enterprise solutions provided by MongoDB, the developers and enterprises receive a continuous support from the vendor.

Be it any stage of using the system for your business organization, the MongoDB engineers are all set to help you, 24X7!

With so many amazing features and a high-quality performance on the enterprise level, the MongoDB Enterprise solutions are always a step ahead in the race. If you’re looking for the best and failsafe database management solutions for your business organization, you must go for MongoDB Enterprise Server.

posted May 16, 2017 by Vin Boris

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