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Write a function that takes a string as input and calculates the weight of the string as per rules mentioned below?

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Weight of vowels that appear in the string should be ignored and All non-alphabetic characters in the string should be ignored.

Weight of each letter is its position in the English alphabet system, i.e. weight of a=1, weight of b=2, weight of c=3, weight of d=4, and so on….weight of y=25, weight of z=26
Weight of Upper-Case and Lower-Case letters should be taken as the same, i.e. weight of A=a=1, weight of B=b=2, weight of C=c=3, and so on…weight of Z=z=26.

Let us assume the word is “Hello World!!”
Weight of “Hello World!!” = 8+0+12+12+0+0+23+0+18+12+4+0+0 = 89
Note that weight of vowels is ignored. Also note that the weight of non-alphabetic characters such as space character and ! is taken as zero.

posted May 13, 2017 by Tanay Hanuman Toor

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String givenString // read string from
for(i =0 to givenString.length;i++)
int asciiOfChar = (int)givenString.charAt(i)
if ((asciiOfChar notIn(65,97,...all vowels and 91 to 96 )) && asciiOfChar In(66 to 122))
asciiOfChar = asciiOfChar In(98 to 122) ? asciiOfChar - 97 :  asciiOfChar-65
addWeight + = asciiOfChar + 1 (+1 because you are starting positioning from one)
Here I added a rough solution if you need the working code,ack me.
Hey! I am a beginner.Can you mention complete working code?

1 Answer

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public int findWeigthOfString(String input1,int input2){
    int sum=0;
    String s=input1.toUpperCase;
    int len=input1.length();
    for(int i=0;i<len;i++){
        char letter=s.charAt(i);
    return sum;
answer Jun 25, 2018 by anonymous
if vowels are ignored
Thx Rinesh
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