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How do I create a new user in Wordpress?

0 votes
How do I create a new user in Wordpress?
posted Apr 25, 2017 by Kavyashree

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1 Answer

0 votes

If you’re an Administrator and you’d like to make someone a Contributor, Author, or Editor on your site, go to Users -> Add New. Fill in the required info, choose a password for them, check the box “Send this password to the new user by email” and select the role you wish to give them using the dropdown. Your new user will get their password in the email with instruction on how to log in. Once logged in they can change their password and any other info (except their username) by editing their profile.

answer Apr 26, 2017 by Divya Nayak
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I want to create a database table with a column corresponding to the time in my wordpress site, so that I can save user actions into this table and know when they did it.

Creating a table:

$sql = "CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS $table_name (
        actiontime NOT NULL DATETIME,
        PRIMARY KEY (id)
    ) $charset_collSate;";
    require_once( ABSPATH . 'wp-admin/includes/upgrade.php' );
    // execute the query
    dbDelta( $sql );

Is this correct?

I would want a time stamp such that I can get the difference on minute/second intervals.

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I want to create a shortcode for category title in wordpress to display the category name, and I found this code:

function categories_list_func( $atts ){
 $categories = get_the_category();

     if($categories) {
        foreach($categories as $category) {
            $output .= '<li class="cat-' . $category->cat_ID . '"><a href="'.get_category_link( $category->term_id ).'" title="' . esc_attr( sprintf( __( "Read more posts from : %s" ), $category->name ) ) . '">'.$category->cat_name.'</a></li>';
        $second_output = trim($output);
      $return_string = '<h4>'.__( "Categories :", "my_site").'</h4><div class="overflow"><ul class="post-categories">' . $second_output . '</ul></div>';

 return $return_string;

} // END Categories
add_shortcode( 'categories-list', 'categories_list_func' );

Can anybody help me how I create this shortcode?

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I just created a custom theme for my wordpress project inside my wp-content/themes/mycustomtheme, I added an index.php and a style.css file to the new theme but when I go to themes in my dashboard the newly created theme is not shown as an option. What else am I missing? Can anybody help me?
This is my style.css

Theme Name: Start WordPress
Theme URI:
Author: Me
Author URI:
Description: The Start WordPress theme is my first custom theme.
Version: 1.0
License: GNU General Public License v2 or later
License URI:
Tags: bootstrap, black, brown, orange, tan, white, yellow, light, one-
column, two-columns, right-sidebar, flexible-width, custom-header, 
custom-menu, editor-style, featured-images, microformats, post-
formats, rtl-language-support, sticky-post, translation-ready
Text Domain: startwordpress

This theme, like WordPress, is licensed under the GPL .
Use it to make something cool, have fun, and share what you've learned   
with others.
0 votes

I want to create a blank white page in my wordpress site.

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