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Java: Implement a code to count the occurrences of each word in input file and write the word with count in output file?

+3 votes

Implement a code that counts the occurrences of each word in an input file and write the word along with corresponding count in an output file sorted by the words alphabetically.

Sample Input

Gaurav is  a Good Boy
Sita is a Good Girl
Tommy is  a Good Dog
Ram is a Good person

Sample Output

D:\>Java FileWordCount inputFile.txt outputFile.txt
    Boy : 1
    Dog : 1
    Gaurav : 1
    Girl : 1
    Good : 4
    Ram : 1
    Sita : 1
    Tommy : 1
    a : 4
    is : 4
    person : 1
posted Apr 22, 2017 by Azhar Keer

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