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How many packet data network can be available for one single UE?

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How many packet data network can be available for one single UE?
posted Apr 19, 2017 by Charan Shah

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2 Answers

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An UE can have support of maximum eight bearers. Out of eight at least one should be default bearer and others can be default bearer or dedicated bearer in any combination. Default bearer represents APN/PDN connection. If default bearer is released then all the associated dedicated bearers with that default bearer would be released automatically. Based on this understanding, an UE can support maximum of eight default bearers.

answer Apr 20, 2017 by Harshita
Hi harshitha,

Default bearers must be an N-GBR right, then only max of 5 NGBR bearer is possible in LTE, then how 8 default bearer is possible ?
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A UE can atmost have 11 bearers ; no matter how many APNs it is connected to irrespective of the number of default and dedicated bearers.
Now when a UE is connected to an APN, at least 1 default bearer gets created.
So theoritically the UE can be connected max to 11 PDNs, considering that there are no dedicated bearers for any of the APNs.
However practically this is not advicable.

answer May 24, 2017 by Aahan Mozumdar
To add to my previous post,"Now when a UE is connected to an APN, at least 1 default bearer gets created" - by this I mean,when a UE gets connected to an APN,one default bearer gets created for sure.There can be additional dedicated bearers to it but the total number of bearers cannot exceed 11.
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