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How to bypass windows 7 password when it is forgotten without use of third party application.

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How to bypass windows 7 password when it is forgotten without use of third party application.

posted Apr 16, 2017 by Pankaj Singh

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1 Answer

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Yes, we can easily bypass windows 7 password without use of any third party application.For that you need windows 7 DVD or bootable Pen Drive and do the following steps --

step 1-->Boot windows 7 either by DVD or Pen Drive.
step 2-->After some time the install windows will appear on the screen.
step 3-->Then click on Repair your computer
enter image description here

step 4-->Then system Recovery Option will come
step 5-->Then select windows 7 and click on next button

enter image description here

step 6--> click on command prompt (The command prompt box will appear on the screen).
enter image description here
step 7-->write this code in command prompt ( copy c:\windows\system32\sethc.exe c:\ ) and press ENTER, you will get message that 1 file(s) copied
enter image description here
step 8-->Then again type ( copy c:\windows\system32\cmd.exe c:\windows\system32\sethc.exe ) press enter.
step 9-->Type yes to accept.
step 10-->Then type exit. (The system will restart)
enter image description here
step 11-->windows Login will appear (Press shift key 5 times and click on yes button it will on sticky keys with command prompt).
enter image description here
step 12-->Then type ( net user user_name new_password) you type according to your system user name
EX.( net user pooja pooja123) then press enter
step 13-->type exit and press enter
step 14-->Login with the same password (ex pooja123).(Then you are in).

enter image description here

Note: This is for educational purposes only.

answer Apr 24, 2017 by Pooja Singh
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