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What is ansible and where it is used ?

+1 vote

What is Ansible and how does it work ?

posted Apr 15, 2017 by Harshita

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1 Answer

0 votes

Ansible is a configuration management tool which works on "push" mechanism. It means there is no need of agent to get installed in nodes/machines as it is done when puppet/chef is used. Ansible maintains hosts file in server entries are made either using machine name or ip addresses.
It is very useful when large number of machines/servers need to be configured in the network with the similar configuration. Ansible runs at the controller node and it just needs ssh connection to the target machine to perform defined tasks in Ansible playbook if you are using else you can use Ansible ad-hoc commands to perform different set of actions or to fetch the details of the server.

To automate the things you have to make password less ssh connection between Ansible machine i.e controller node and another machine. You have already answered my query two days back to make password less ssh.

answer Apr 26, 2017 by Vikram Singh
Thanks Vikram to provide your answer and for this detailed explanation.
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There is a possibility on one controller multiple people are working and all of them have login credentials of controller node. Assume someone is editing one playbook but he/she does not let others to see the changes. Is there any way in Ansible by which a user can stop others to edit/read the file ?

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A playbook may consist of multiple tasks and as per my understanding it runs from top to bottom. Is there any way to start execution from a task other than first one ? If yes then what is the way to do that ?

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Is there any option to control execution of ansible playbook by mean of user interactive mode ? I mean before executing any task it prompts for the user input and based on user input it takes action to run or not.

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