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What is core dump file and how to change the location of default core dump file?

0 votes
What is core dump file and how to change the location of default core dump file?
posted Apr 8, 2017 by anonymous

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+2 votes

I'd like to ensure core files go to a local partition rather than the default location ($HOME), which is network-mounted in my case.

Googling a bit, I found this:

In light of that, a few questions... Does this still apply to abrt in Fedora 19?

That page suggests that when abrt is in use, core files would be generated in the location set by abrt, which defaults to /var/spool/abrt. However, I have abrtd running and I'm definitely getting core files in $HOME. Does abrt just make a copy to put in /var/spool/abrt?

Might my problem be resolved as simply as telling abrt not to make a copy? I'd be fine with just having the core files in /var/spool/abrt. Otherwise, I imagine I'd like them somewhere named /var/users/$USER/dump
(or similar). How do I do that and continue to play nicely with abrt?

+1 vote

Is there any way to change default permission of file creation in linux ?

+1 vote

I want to see why my linux system got crashed,
Can anyone please tell where will be the dump file/ How to debug it?

+2 votes

My program Seg faults but cannot find where Ubuntu saves the core file.

I have changed the core_pattern as follows but still no core file:
echo "core.%e.%p" > /proc/sys/kernel/core_pattern

I want to debug and see where it is crashing. Appreciate if someone could help to generate the core file disk.

+2 votes

I must copy a dir with some file with 'i' attribute set, but rsync (or cp) do not copy this attribute.

See this little example:

 # touch testfile
 # chattr +i testfile
 # rsync -aAX testfile testfile2
 # lsattr testfile*
 ----i---------- testfile
 --------------- testfile2

There is a way to copy all attribute?

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