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what is SYN flood ?

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what is SYN flood ?
posted Sep 25, 2013 by Ganesh Kumar

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A SYN flood is a form of denial-of-service attack in which an attacker sends a succession of SYN requests to a target's system in an attempt to consume enough server resources to make the system unresponsive to legitimate traffic.

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SYN is an initial packet send by TCP client to TCP server. In response, TCP server sends SYN-ACK and wait for ACK from TCP client. It might be happened a fake/forged TCP client is keeping sending SYN and receiving SYN-ACK from TCP server but not sending ACK to TCP server. In that case, server will be busy and it might not be able to serve any genuine TCP client. That is the situation called "SYN flood".

answer Sep 25, 2013 by Vikram Singh
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We have 2 servers.
Server1 has a apache.
Server2 has a tomcat.

Now we see there are many syn recv connection via "netstat -ant". These kinds of connection are running out the CPU.

We googled it and found it looks like of syn recv attack.

So I just want to know:
1. How to verify it DOES is a syn recv attack?
2. Is there any way to fight against these kind of connections? Can I do some configuration at Apache?
3. Because our server1 is deployed at a cloud center. I guess these cloud center should also be attack?

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