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Describe three common use cases for using an Intent in Android?

0 votes
Describe three common use cases for using an Intent in Android?
posted Mar 27, 2017 by Karthick.c

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I wanted to close the app (Say facebook app) that I open from my app via Intent.
Using intent I am providing option for users to open various apps installed in mobile. Now, I need to provide option to automatically close the opened app after 5-10 seconds.

Is it possible to achieve?
Thanks in advance.

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Hi,Recently I made an app which takes photo and set to an ImageView in android.In samsung phone its orientation is 90 while camera intent opens so I used ExifInterface with four case 90/180/270/0 with normal case (0 degree) but when I compiled this method,its working perfect in all samsung device which is setting image after reverse rotate 90 to ImageView but not with others like moto/redmi/asus/karbonn I checked on each phone and there is an error that they are not getting bitmap.but when I removed ExifInterface and orientation,it started to work with all devices.but same issue with samsung device that setting image in ImageView with 90 degree orientation.
So I decided to use switch for samsung and other device so how can I know whether app is installed in samsung device or others using java?