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LTE: when the handover scenario will be time critical handover

+1 vote
LTE: when the handover scenario will be time critical handover
posted Mar 27, 2017 by Akhilesh

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1 Answer

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This cause value is reserved to represent all critical cases where the connection is likely to be dropped if handover is not performed.

answer Mar 27, 2017 by Rohit Verma
can you please give an real time example where we will use this ??
when you travel in train you will have this issue, if you are not handovering then connection loss will happen , so in this scenario you should make an time critical handover
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I have a use case for forward handover.

What will happen, when UE moves to target eNodeB through forward handover and target eNodeB is connected to a new MME.
I mean to ask what will happen with old session which is already maintained at MME, SGW and PGW. Definitely there is a loss of data packet since UE has already moved to some other eNodeB (target eNodeB) due to RLF.

When UE shal attach to new MME, MME shall send create session request to SGW, and SGW forward it to PGW.
Now question is that how PGW handle this situation, when it receives a new create session request from a new MME for an already existing session(via old mme).

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