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Synchronization of UE in LTE?

0 votes

When a UE turn on, it try to synchronize with cell. I know that it happens with PSS and SSS but how exactly it can be sync in time and frequency domain?

posted Mar 6, 2017 by anonymous

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1 Answer

0 votes

So in initial aquisition as we know after PSS and SSS,UE will decode PBCH ieMIB . There is one information element which UE receive is SFN(system frame number) this is where UE get sync in time domain. Number of different processes will be carried out in different frame ,with SFN received in MIB UE will get sync with enb from that particular frame.

answer Sep 29 by Yuvraj Patil
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How an UE makes out it has lost uplink synchronization with serving cell and what steps it take to re-synchronize it ?

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I was going through SYNC protocol specification i.e 25.446 and stopped at Timestamp field since there were two terms (synchronization sequence and synchronization period) mentioned and I could not understand.
Can someone please explain these two terms and tell me what is the significance of timestamp at eNodeB when an SYNC PDU receives over M1 interface ?

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