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5G: What is the difference between 3 tier design architecture and Leaf spine design architecture ?

+3 votes

Why Leaf Spine design architecture chosen for next generation data centers ? Why three tier design architecture is not being used for data centers ? What was the limitation of old design which restricts it to be used for data centers ?

posted Jan 18, 2017 by Rupam

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1 Answer

0 votes

I think because the switching mechanism no longer using vlan, it's already vxlan that cannot be served by 3 tier design architechture

answer May 6, 2017 by Hana Pamora
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Well, now and days when we talk about SDN, it mean we are going to use white box switches. AFAIK switches works at the L2 level and routers work at the L3 level. Is the same concept applicable for white box switches or they can have support for routing also ?

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gNB (Generation NodeB) is also referred as next generation radio. I saw two options open 3 and open 3A for next generation network architecture. I have knowledge on LTE so I want to know how next generation radio would be inter-working with existing core network specially option 3.

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Open V Switch is a soft switch and it can work same as normal switch or even more things it can do compare to normal switch. Form somewhere I get to know OVS can run in user space and kernel space both. I used Mininet to create virtual switch and believe it runs at user space as per my understanding so far. I want to know can I run the same switches in kernel mode also and if yes it is possible then how I can and what could be the reason for doing so ?

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