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Python: @staticmethods called more than once

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I'm somewhat confused working with @staticmethods. My logger and configuration methods are called n times, but I have only one call.
n is number of classes which import the loger and configuration class in the subfolder mymodule. What might be my mistake mistake?

### ###

from mymodule.MyLogger import MyLogger
from mymodule.MyConfig import MyConfig

##### ##########
from mymodule import MyConfig,MyLogger

#Both methods are static
key,logfile,loglevel = MyConfig().get_config('Logging')
log = MyLogger.set_logger(key,logfile,loglevel)

2013-05-21 17:20:37,192 - my_test - 17 - CRITICAL - **********.19
2013-05-21 17:20:37,192 - my_test - 17 - CRITICAL - **********.19
2013-05-21 17:20:37,192 - my_test - 17 - CRITICAL - **********.19
2013-05-21 17:20:37,192 - my_test - 17 - CRITICAL - **********.19
posted May 21, 2013 by anonymous

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1 Answer

0 votes

Dont confuse the use of "static" in Python with its use in C/C++.
From a post on StackOverflow: A staticmethod is a method that knows nothing about the class or instance it was called on. It just gets the arguments that were passed, no implicit first argument. It is basically useless in Python -- you can just use a module function instead of a staticmethod.
That is, the "@staticmethod" decorator doesnt mean, "call this function once."

answer May 21, 2013 by anonymous
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