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What are expressions in AngularJS? Give the syntax with example.

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What are expressions in AngularJS? Give the syntax with example.
posted Dec 30, 2016 by Pramod Huilgol

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2 Answers

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AngularJs Expressions

Expressions are used to bind application data to html. Angular expressions are unit of code which resolves to value. The code is written inside double curly braces : {{ expression }}. AngularJS expressions can also be written inside a directive: ng-bind="expression". AngularJS application expressions are pure javascript expressions and outputs the data where they are used.

answer Jan 10, 2017 by Sahana
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Expressions in AngularJS are just like JavaScript code snippets. JavaScript code is usually written inside double braces: {{expression}}. In other words, Angular Expressions are JavaScript code snippets with limited sub-set. Expressions are included in the HTML elements.

Like JavaScript expressions, AngularJS expressions can also have various valid expressions. We can use the operators between numbers and strings, literals, objects and arrarys inside the expression {{ }}. For example,

{{ 2 + 2 }} (numbers)
{{Name + " " + email}} (string)
{{ Country.Name }} (object)
{{ fact[4] }} (array)


For more details click on the link

answer Jul 25, 2017 by Jdk
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